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Latrobe Mini Gardens Project

A Touch of Beauty for Latrobe...

Maintaining dozens of miniature public gardens throughout the city and immediate surroundings, the Latrobe Mini Gardens Team adds a quiet touch of beauty to the community.

Thanks to the hard work of a group of deditated volunteers, you'll find mini gardens lending a refreshing touch of natural color to public sidewalks and streets, schools, commercial properties and just about anyplace else..

About the Mini Gardens Team

The Latrobe Mini Gardens Team builds, plants and maintains mini flower gardens as spots of welcoming color in and around the Latrobe area. We currently have 70 gardens (2/3 in the city proper, 1/3 outside), and 60 planters. The Latrobe Foundation assists as a non-profit sponsor. Latrobe Parks & Recreation assists as a base for storing dirt, compost, tools and our truck.

Want to volunteer to “Keep Latrobe Flowering”?  Caring for a garden takes about ½ hour per week, May through September – we’ll provide the training, if needed  – and try to assign you a garden close to your home.
Call - 724-532-2211

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