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Lights, camera, action!

Greater Latrobe Community Network helps you find and access local multimedia content from around the Web...


Your Neighborhood Channel! Local news and events including City Council meetings, School Board meetings, special events, parades, local sports and more.


A growing collection of high definition panoramas of our hometown, taken with the Gigpan system developed by Carnegie Mellon, NASA, Google, and National Geographic.

Street View:

Take a virtual, 3D tour around the streets of your city. Walk (or is it ride?) down the streets of Latrobe and explore...look up, look down, look all around!

1480 WCNS:

Listen online to live and recorded shows. Saturday morning Talk Block segments, as well as Latrobe Wildcats and SVC Bearcats games.

Mr. Rogers and Arnie:

Our History page includes timeless videos featuring two of Latrobe's "favorite sons"... Arnold Palmer and Fred Rogers.

Video Wall:

Explore our Latrobe Video Wall
to find selected pieces from broadcast TV and assorted other sources.


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