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The Laurel Area Partnership on Aging


Our Mission...

The Laurel Area Partnership on Aging is a coalition of community members dedicated to achieving an improved quality of life through the collaboration, education, and leadership of the citizens we serve.

Our Strategy...

The Laurel Area Partnership on Aging will achieve its mission by:

  • Heightening community awareness of problems of aging through proactive planning and eduation
  • Building an informed and concerned community-based organization to evaluate and determine needs and seek solutions through networking with existing agencies
  • Serving as a forum for coordinating, facilitating, planning and developing ideas and concerns identified by members of the community

About Us...

The Laurel Area Partnership on Aging is an organization aimed at addressing specific issues of aging in the Greater Latrobe, Derry and Ligonier communities.

The partnership was created in 1993 following a Conference on Aging held at Saint Vincent College. The event, attended by a broad cross-section of local business and civic leaders, inspired its participants to create a partnership that would strive to address issues of aging and its effect on our communities, now and into the next century.

As part of its mission, the Laurel Area Partnership on Aging intends to develop ideas for solving existing problems for seniors while coordinating support services that already exist. To more efficiently achieve its many and varied goals, the partnership has created a steering committee to direct general operations.

As the trend continues toward a growing senior population, the Laurel Area Partnership on Aging will continue to serve as a concerned guardian for seniors in the district.

You're Invited ...

You are welcome to attend our monthly meeting the second Thursday of each month at the Latrobe Senior Center at 8:00AM.

Contact Us...

If you'd like to help - financially or otherwise - contact us at:

Laurel Partnership on Aging
Chairman: Linda Stumpf, Phd at (724) 539-1496

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