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Latrobe Jigsaw
Every month we feature a photo from your hometown as an online jigsaw. Use your mouse to drag the pieces and assemble the puzzle. Can you identify where the picture was taken?
Solve Latrobe jigsaws whenever you want, with your own disk of Latrobe puzzles!
See the
GLCN Puzzle Project below

The GLCN Puzzle Project

Work Latrobe jigsaw puzzles on your own computer whenever you want!

45 Local Pictures, 3 Skill Levels
The Greater Latrobe Puzzles, Vol. 1 disk features 45 images of Latrobe and the surrounding area converted into virtual jigsaw puzzles for you to solve on your computer. 40 of the images are brand new — they've never appeared in our monthly puzzle feature. Plus, unlike our small online puzzles, each puzzle on the disk is available in three different sizes — Small (30 pieces, like the one above), Medium (56 pieces) and Large (81 pieces) — for a total of 135 puzzles. Additionally, each time you open a puzzle, the pieces are created and jumbled at random, so there are really countless unique puzzles to play with!

Makes A Unique Gift
Greater Latrobe Puzzles, Vol. 1 provides hours of entertainment. Order one for yourself today! Oh...and don't forget your friends and family — puzzle CDs make fun, original gifts too!

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$8.95 (free s&h)


Custom Puzzle CDs

Want a custom puzzle CD to promote your business, surprise your members or memorialize a special event? Let us do it for you! Whether you want one CD with a few pictures to give to Grandma on her 65th birthday or cases of CDs with hundreds of puzzles and four-color cases, we can make it happen. Each custom order will be different, depending on your requirements. Just send us an email with a brief description of what you might like. Be sure to include your telephone number so we can get back to you, discuss the possibilities and provide you a quote.

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