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Latrobe Area Historical Society
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The Latrobe Area Historical Society of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to the collection, study and documentation of the Latrobe community's heritage and to the preservation of local history and its ethnic roots.

Special Activities of the Society:

Each year, in cooperation with the Greater Latrobe School Board and the Educational Staff, the Society provides special programs for the 6th grade children of the district. These programs are presented annually and are targeted to give the children an insight into how history has an effect on their lives today. Periodically the Society offers to the public special programs of historic value or interest. Throughout the year, Society members actively seek out information about their community and gather artifacts and documents to add to the Society's library. These materials and documents are cataloged, preserved, and made available to all persons who come to the Society for assistance. Preserving memorabilia, artifacts, documents and other objects pertaining to the district's history is an ongoing task.

Archive Holdings of the Society:

There are many books and bound manuscripts pertaining to the history of Latrobe, Westmoreland County, Western Pennsylvania and the surrounding districts, including Unity and Derry Townships. Copies of Deeds, Land Grants and Topographical maps are on file, many dating back to the late 1790s. Some of these are original and may be the only surviving copy. Various local newspapers, which have been laminated, are on file for reference. There is an extensive collection of memorabilia, postcards, photos, documents, and artifacts, donated by residents and local industries, which give an insight into early life in Latrobe.

Community Services:

Occasionally, Society Members with special expertise are requested to speak before other groups and organizations. This is an excellent opportunity for the Historical Society to display its usefulness.


The Latrobe Area Historical Society operates without government grants or endowments. Operating funds come primarily from the annual membership dues and an occasional gift. All services performed are on a volunteer basis. The Society does accept donations to help defray costs for services performed. We are also fortunate that our Society's quarters have been provided by the Greater Latrobe School District.

The Society was chartered in 1974 as a non-profit organization under Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code for the explicit purpose of functioning as an educational and historical organization. As a NON-PROFIT organization, dues and donations are tax deductible. There is no paid staff or directors. The staff and directors of the Latrobe Area Historical Society are volunteers, and receive no financial reimbursement for their efforts.

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