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GLCN's Latrobe Gigapan Project...

Latest Latrobe Gigapans:
Historic Mountain View Inn
loyd Avenue Bridge
Fred M Rogers Center ar SVC
SVC 2009 Commencement

View super-high resolution gigapixel panoramas of your hometown and the surrounding area!

Here's a sample Gigapan panorama of Latrobe, taken from the train trestle over the Loyalhanna creek...

View our growing collection of Latrobe panoramas at the special Latrobe page on!

What's a Gigapan?

The Gigapan system is a joint development of Carnegie Mellon University, NASA's Ames Research Center, Google and National Geographic, developed to bring the world closer together by making it possible for global citizens to explore their distant neighbors through incredibly high resolution, panoramic pictures.

A consumer version of NASA's PanCam technology that allows the Mars Rover to send back expansive 3D panorama photos of Mars, the Gigapan system is a robotic device that attaches to a standard consumer digital camera, enabling it to rapidly take hundreds of high resolution digital photos of a scene which are then electronically 'stitched' together to create an interactive, multi-billion pixel panoramic computer image. When published online, the panoramas can be examined in great detail, allowing viewers to move freely around the scene and even zoom in for intricate, 3D close-up views.

We're excited and honored to be one of only about three hundred organizations worldwide chosen to participate in the first public beta phase of the GigaPan project. We're gearing up to begin publishing a series of super-high definition, gigapixel panoramic images of Latrobe and the surrounding area.

The GLCN's first GigaPan project will involve capturing several aspects of the Saint Vincent grounds, working with volunteer staff from both the Basilica and the college.

In addition to Saint Vincent, we plan to build a growing online album of virtual gigapixel Latrobe panoramas, capturing the spirit of the community and the surrounding area. Future GigaPan studies being considered include downtown Latrobe before, during and after the current Revitalization program, Legion Keener park, the Greater Latrobe High School campus, the Latrobe Country Club, Keystone State Park, Kingston dam, and several others.

If you have an idea for a Latrobe panorama subject, please let us know (see our contact page.)

Be sure to check our special Latrobe page on frequently to follow the project's progress.

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